Crystal Prism DIY Photography Studio Accessories Crystal Prism Ball Prism Glass Filter DSLR Kaleidoscope Lens Filter Glass Block

  • Brand Name: PULUZ
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: Kaleidoscope Lens Filter
  • applicable type: foreground blur tool for photography
  • type: kaleidoscope lens lilter
  • feature 1: Crystal Ball
  • feature 2: Crystal Block
  • feature 3: Crystal Prism
  • feature 4: DIY Photography Studio Accessories
  • feature 5: Accessories Crystal Prism
  • feature 6: 1/4” Screw Beam Splitting
  • feature 7: Tripod
  • feature 8: Multifunctional magic arm
  • feature 9: Camera Holder
  • feature 10: DSLR camera photography tool
  • feature 11: Movie props
  • feature 12: Creative photography
  • feature 13: Crystal Prism DIY Photography
  • feature 14: Glass Filter
  • feature 15: Glass Prism

Kaleidoscope Lens Filter Crystal Prism DIY Photography Studio Accessories Crystal Prism Ball With 1/4” Screw Beam Splitting

How to Photograph Through a Prism:
Place the prism up close to the lens in the area of the frame where you want the effect to be. Then move and rotate the prism slowly to investigate the effects you can create and how to get them.

Create this cool Rainbow effect.
Hide some unwanted element in your photo by the reflection, rainbow, or extra light Create Mirror, Ghost and Dreamy images

When you want the rainbow color, please use direct natural sunlight. Artificial light, especially LED flashlights or LED and fluorescent bulbs maybe just have a very limited spectrum, not even.
If your lens gets a bit crazy trying to focus, remember to switch to manual.
It is recommended to use a lens of 50mm or more, more than 70mm is better

With female 1/4 inch thread, easy to mount the prism on a stand or tripod so that you can hold it in front of the camera lens and adjust the position of camera, prism, and the light-source in order to acquire the refracted lights & effects.

The 1/4″screw hole allows you to attach the prisms to a hand-held mini tripod or Magic arm (both included in the set) so that you can easily rotate and hold the prism without dropping it. Plus, it keeps your fingers out of the shot.

Our gives the “tool belt” of a photographer a whole new versatility, where every angle of the Prism brings a variety of different looks and effects, from subtle to dramatic. From soft edges, to circular reflections to rainbows and much more.

These effects do not require a photoshop or filter and the images can also be taken with the smartphone. Perfect for any professional and hobby photographer.

People photograph and share more and more of their lives. Because so many people share so much content, it is sometimes difficult not to be boring and to come out of the crowd with creativity.

Crystal Ball Crystal Block and Crystal prism

Crystal Ball: 60mm diameter
Fitting possibility: 1/4″threads

Crystal Triangle: 130mm long
Fitting possibility: 1/4″threads

Crystal Cube: 50mm page length
Fitting possibility: 1/4″threads

11 inch magic arm camera led photography lamp universal bracket multifunctional magic arm

The Magic Arm (included in the set) can be attached directly to your camera for free use and can be easily positioned through the joint arm.

Handle tripod mini tripod stabilizer base

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